My health benefits of vegan diet

It might be a big surprise for many, but after a solid few months of reading, researching and watching materials on veganism, I finally made my decision…
IMG_4972I’m on a healthy plant-based diet full of fruitsveggies and gluten free products that make me feel energized and happy. It’s not a famous starch solution neither rawtill4 plan. It’s a new lifestyle. I listen to my body and eat as much as I want and whenever I want to.

Switching from my healthy diet to vegan diet was influced by my progressing tiredness and few health problems. I found veganism extremely benefitial for my health immediately after switching. Why? Here the top health benefits of vegan diet:

1: Healthy weight gain or loss

After cuting out animal products I feel much lighter (although my weight is still the same and losing weight was never my goal) and more energized. In fact, it is much easier to stay slim once you stop consuming high amounts of saturated fats from dairy and meat products.


2: Skin improvement

Gluten-free products, that are one of the elements of vegan diet, make my skim much clearer. There are no huge break-outs and it’s less oily than it has been before.

3: More nutritious meals

Adding extra fruits and veggies to my meals and drinking more green smoothies made my diet definitely more nutritious. Besides, I love raw bars and dried dates (latest post on benefits of dried dates) – mniam and healthy!


4: No food restriction

You eat as much as you want and you never count kcals – how amazing it is! And yes, you don’t gain any weight.


5: Going vegan improved my sport performance

I have definitely more energy when working out. My workouts last longer and I can finally go for long run (10K+).

Besides, I love preparing my meals, buying fresh fruits and veggies and educating myself in a field of veganism.

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