My favourite healthy snacks on busy days

I’m a busy bee. Working full-time, cycling to work daily, working out, cooking & baking, blogging & travelling. Yes, it’s a lot for a little person like me. But, I’m also well-organised and never leave home without healthy snacks packed into my backpack. Easy to grab and carry, always helpful when I get hungry when running around.

Sipping on a bulletproof coffee in Kathmandu, Nepal.

These snacks give me a lot of energy to survive my busy and challenging days. They are not only nutritious, but also yummy and … my favourite!


A handful of almonds is just the perfect daily snack for me. The high-protein, nutrient-rich nuts help suppress my appetite, beat flab and also keep my heart healthy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 20.57.34.png
A handful of almonds can be always found in my backpack.

Hummus + carrots

Hummus is easy to find in most grocery stores and it’s a perfect dip for many fresh veggies, especially my favourite carrots. When I know there is going to be a busy day I pack a small food container with some chopped carrots and a lot of hummus.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 21.08.22
Homemade hummus with chopped carrots.

Peanut butter cookies

With a busy day ahead I can’t forget about my vegan peanut butter cookies. Extremely crunchy and creamy, they are one of the best things to snack on throughout a busy day.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 21.23.00
Yummy peanut butter cookies – perfect snack on a busy day.

Green smoothie in a jar

It takes me a minute in the morning to blend all of my favourite fruits with spinach and then pour the smoothie into a glass jar. Such green smoothie fills me up for hours and gives me a lot of energy for the whole day. A list of top 5 super powerful smoothie monsters can be found here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 21.23.08


I’m a real banana girl. Each time I feel hungry I snack on bananas and I can never get enough of them. I also love to use bananas in my baking. My top recipes are: banana bread recipe, banana & chocolate muffins and banana and pumpkin bread.Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 21.28.12

What are you favourite snacks on the go?

My favourite healthy snacks on busy days
Article Name
My favourite healthy snacks on busy days
Easy to pack and carry, healthy and delicious snacks on the go.


  1. Omg, I need to start carrying healthy snacks with me. Especially with the baby, I find myself ravished all the time! I’m going to try out those peanut butter cookies!:-)

    1. Pack some almonds and raw fruits with you, girl! Helps fight your hunger.

  2. Agniś zimno, tak Ci nosek poczerwieniał 🙂

  3. Almonds are a favourite of mine too 🙂 sometimes I have cashews too – love them 🙂

    1. Are they? I am absolutely in love with almonds.

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