7 Sure-Fire Ways to Kick Start Your Fitness in 2017

It’s 2017, a New Year, and with it your chance to get fitter and more active than ever before. But if, like me, the thought of driving to a gym to walk on a treadmill for an hour bores you to tears then fear not, because I’ve gone and put together a list of seven exciting ways to get fit in 2017! 


1: Geocaching

If you’ve never heard of geocaching, it’s basically a grown-up version of an easter egg hunt where you use GPS, map coordinates and even riddles to discover new treasures. You can target treasure in your local area or play on a massive scale and explore entire countries looking for your next loot like I’ve done back in the Netherlands!

Geocaching in Haarlem
My geocaching experience in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

The only rule is that when you take a treasure you have to leave something of equal value in its place. Seriously, though, play this for three to four hours each week and you can easily rack up 16-20 miles of walking, running or cycling time.

2: Weightlifting

Ever watched the Olympics and seen people throw a super-heavy weight above their heads with lightning speed and inch perfect technique? Well the two lifts they perform are the snatch and the clean & jerk, and they can help you to lose fat, develop balance and coordination, build incredible strength and have a rock solid core.

girl at the gym
Working hard at the gym.

With the sport becoming increasingly popular, have a look on google for clubs in your local area. You might be surprised just how strong you become! I’ve been lifting since March 2016 and I’ve been loving it!

3: Yoga

Okay so it might not get your heart pumping, but Yoga has a whole range of other benefits. You can become more flexible as well as improve core stability and balance. What’s more, stretching the right muscles (usually your hips) can help to improve your posture, and taking some time to relax and breathe can massively reduce your stress levels.


Even better there are different styles of Yoga, so you can experiment and discover which works for you. Find a local class and I’m sure you won’t regret it.

4: Mixed Martial Arts

For all you Rocky Balboa fans out there, why not try some mixed martial arts? (MMA for short) You’ll learn how to punch, kick, grapple and throw and you’ll develop some serious athleticism. Plus let’s be honest here, have you ever seen an out of shape fighter? Don’t worry, though, you won’t be thrown into the ring on your first day (or ever if you don’t want to).


Almost all good clubs will let you develop your skills at your own pace and you’ll make some great friends along the way. It might be a little out of your comfort zone, but sometimes that’s where the best opportunities for growth and learning are.

5: Zombies, RUN!

Yep, you read that correctly, get fit with the help of the living dead. Zombies, RUN! Is the biggest fitness game ever, and was developed by Naomi Alderton and Six to Start as a downloadable app for iphone and android. Each time you go for a run you can listen to award-winning stories which have you collecting supplies, reaching outposts and being chased by hordes of zombies. In essence you’ll be getting an interval workout without having to worry about getting tired or bored. Plus with over 100 different missions (and more being added each month) you’ll never repeat the same run twice.

6: Personal Training

With the huge growth of the personal training industry, there are more people than ever before seeking the help and advice of qualified professionals to take their health and fitness to the next level. A good trainer should design a personalised programme for you, teach you how to correctly perform a variety of exercises and movements and push you to work hard and get the results you’re looking for. If you’re willing to invest some money into your own health and fitness, this might well be the option for you this year.

A quick heads up, though, I recommend choosing a trainer that specialises in your goals, so make sure to check websites and don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure you’re getting the right match for you.

7: Climbing

Another activity climbing in popularity (sorry I couldn’t resist!) is the act of ascending to high places. With climbing you’ll get your heart racing, develop awesome grip strength and learn an amazing new skill; plus you get to pretend you’re spiderman!


I recommend taking a beginners course at an indoor centre to learn the ropes, make yourself safe and discover how to climb up different terrains and obstacles. When you’ve built your confidence you can head out into the great outdoors to tackle some tougher climbing or even hiking. What’s more, you’ll get the opportunity to explore some amazing places of natural beauty, which is always a win in our book.

a girl showing her bicep
Time to work on this bicep!

And that concludes our list of seven sure-fire ways to get fit in 2017. Hopefully, I’ve given you some fresh ideas and some inspiration for how you can get fit this year. Just remember, exercise doesn’t have to be dull, you simply need to find an awesome new activity and explore it. Fitness is built through consistency, so finding something you love and doing it every week is 100% the way to go if you’re looking for fitness success. So whether you’re a rock climber, fighter, yogi or a weightlifter, get out there and start your fitness adventure.

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