Protein shakes

Protein shakes: yes or no?

Almost everyone can get enough protein from foods (healthy adults like me should get about 45 to 56 grams of protein a day). However, with my busy schedule, regular trainings and lack of time to prepare my post-workout meals, I make my protein shakes instead. It’s mostly about convenience and the real yummy taste of different flavours.


My super powerful smoothie: vanilla ice protein powder, strawberries, raspberries, almonds and chia seeds with a dash of cinnamon.

Do I need protein powder?

If I exercise regularly, I may need more calories and protein from any source, so I always make sure to take in some protein after my workouts. Besides, protein powder makes my fruit shakes much yummier and sweeter so I don’t crave sugar throughout the day. For me protein powers work well and if I don’t overuse it, everything is fine and I feel great.


What is the best protein choice?

I personally choose whey protein that is best used as part of my overall health and fitness efforts, which include planning the correct training phases and training intensity. Body and Fit Whey Protein works well (my favourite vanilla ice flavour!).


Do you guys use protein powder for your shakes/baking?

If so, what’s your favourite?

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