My day (food and workout routine)

I’m a busy full-time master’s student, traveler, part-time link builder, blogger and a girlfriend so my days are very busy. However, somehow I manage to do everything I have to do and… I still have 40-50 minutes a day to do my workout, cook delicious meals and hang out with friends. In today’s post I am going to show you how my regular day looks like. It’s of course only an example and my meals, workout routine and activities keep changing and depend on my work and uni schedule.

6:30 – Wake up, a glass of hot water with lemon, quick shower

7:00 – Breakfast time


When I am in a rush, I make a quick smoothie (banana + handful of spinach, almond milk or yogurt). If I have more time, I make my favourite porridge or semolina with nuts, chocolate nibs and fruits.

7:30 – Cycling to work or going to uni

10:00 – Having a snack


I usually have a fruit smoothie, a handful of nuts, chopped veggies with hummus or yogurt with fruits.

13:00 – Lunch 

IMG_20140804_174118I usually have a lunch at work or at uni. I carry lunch boxes with me and warm my meals up in a microwave. My favourite lunch is smoked fish + steamed veggies + brown pasta/ couscous or brown rice.

16:00 –Having my pre-workout meat 


Protein pancakes, peanut butter and banana sandwich

18:00 – Back from school/ uni

18:15 – Workout 


I usually workout every 2 days. It takes me 40-50 minutes to complete one of online videos with Insanity training. Sometimes I feel like jogging so I jog for 1 hour or less depending on my mood.


 19:00 – Dinner (post-workout meal)


Brown bread with veggies and a piece of fish – that is usually my dinner. I also have cottage cheese with salad and brown rice, tuna salad with couscous or Greek salad with jacked potatoes.

19:00 – Study, blog

21:00 – Meal prep

I prepare my meal in the evening – breakfast, 2 snacks, lunch and dinner. I put my food in plastic boxes and store them in the fridge. Once I wake up, I pack them and I’m off to go to work/uni.

22:00 – Shower, book, blogging

24:00 – Going to sleep

What is your day like?

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