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Howdy fitfam!

I’m Agness – a jogging freak from Poland living a healthy lifestyle in one of the most inspiring cities in Europe, Amsterdam. Runagnessrun.com is my personal blog where I am sharing my running passion and love for fresh and organic food with those who are new to clean eating, those who have been passionate about it and those who seek for healthy recipes, colorful and yummy breakfast ideas as well as motivational tips and fitness inspiration.

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 My running and healthy eating adventure started at the begging of 2012 when I was living in the Land of Dragons – China. One day I’ve heard wise words that completely change my food perception: ”Remember to always treat your body as a temple, not a trash bag…” My first cup of Chinese tea at stunning temple, my first handful of goji berries, my first bunch of fruits in the morning  and my first yoga practice at Songshan Lake – these moments I bring back when thinking of my amazing transformation.

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Instagram @runagnessrun

 At the moment I am living, working and studying in Amsterdam. Although my time is limited by full-time Master’s Degree in New Media and Digital Culture at UvA, part-time marketing work and travel blogging, I did not give up on my healthy habits. I love baking gluten-free cookies, making colorful fruit smoothies, preparing healthy snacks for uni and work, experimenting with organic ingredients in my kitchen as well as sharing my meal ideas with my fitfam on Instagram (@runagnessrun).

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Instagram @runagnessrun

 Healthy lifestyle is also working out to me. I am also a jogging freak and tabata lover. Believe me or not, but there is nothing better than switching off your mind and running in the rhythm of the music. You can never get enough of this feeling – happiness combined with satisfaction, purification and fulfillment. When I do not feel like running, I choose one of my favourite interval workouts on YouTube and give myself all to feel the endorphins in the end.


What you find here is not a diet. It is a healthy eating combined with regular workout that all together will benefit your life tremendously. As me, you will have a lot of energy and stamina to achieve your goals, become more determined and simply happier. You will start your day with a big smile on your face and you will go to sleep feeling accomplished.

No let’s swap sugary chocolate bars to no sugar chocolate oats cookies and sweat together!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.



  1. Great project Agness! Congrats :). We will definatelly use your healthy tips and delicious recipes!

  2. Hey Agness,

    Such an awesome idea!! I love this blog already 🙂 congrats on starting it. What channel do you use on YouTube for interval work outs?

    Good luck with the blog, I’m sure it’ll be awesome

  3. That really looks like a really fun project Agness! I too enjoy running in the morning and healthy eating anyway, so I am definitely looking forward to reading more on your new site. By the way, thanks for reminding me to start the day with a big smile and to finally watch that movie… 😉

    1. Great to hear that, Dennis!!! 🙂

  4. Many congratulations Agness. You’ll be a fantastic success. 🙂

    1. Thank you, sweetie! :*

  5. We have the same running shoes!! WOOT! <3

  6. Someone has to explain to me how to enjoy running. I like the gym but I can’t afford it anymore and I find running boring… I love how your healthy meals look tasty and fulfilling though. I can’t handle these blogs where girls seem to live on some steamed kale and run 10k every day – it’s so unachievable for everyone else.

    1. Hi Alex,

      Start with short runs in the evening to relax – 1km, then 1,5km till you achieve 10. Running takes time and you can’t expect your body to run miles if you have never done it before. My running story is a long story with ups and downs, but I never gave up and I fell in love with it!

      I enjoy steamed kale and other veggies, but depriving your body from carbs is mindless for me. Life is all about the balance :).

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