5 Ways to cope with running injuries

As you know from my Instagram, I am currently dealing with a knee injury I developed during my jogging sessions. While I am undergoing a rehabilitation, there are moments of depression and mood swings I experience due to my injury and lack of running. How do I deal with them?


Here are my top 5 ways to cope with my running injury:

#1 Trying new workouts


Since I am no longer able to run, I was told to try different types of sport – from pilates, yoga, working out with weights and other low impact workouts that can help strengthen my body from head to toe while teaching new and fun ways to build strength, agility, breathing and balance.


And… I can still train my abs! 🙂

#2 Cooking and baking


Since I stopped running I have had more time to cook and bake. I try new recipes and experiment with different ingredients. I make fresh juices each morning, bake fruit muffins and make delicious salads.


Real yum!

#3 Resting more

I definitely sleep much longer and rest more than I used to hoping I can recover much quicker!


 #4 Having fun with people I love

In order to kill time and distract myself, I go out more often and have a lot of fun with my boyfriend, workmates and friends. It always helps when I feel depressed!


#5 Studying hard

I am currently writing my thesis in New Media and Digital Culture on self-branding practices and blogging transformation. All I do most of the time, instead of running, is reading, writing and more writing!!


What is your way of dealing with a running injury?

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